BREEAM Certificate

Former Norblin Factory, as all other projects of Capital Park SA, will be a certified building. Both the office space, the commercial and entertainment area shall hold a BREEM certificate despite the rather large historical space, which is an additional challenge for the certification process. We will work for the “Very good” level of certification.

The only bazar in Poland with ecological products!

Due to the leading role in the project of the unique Polish certified organic food market, ecology in the wider sense will be one of the fundamental parts of Former Norblin Factory identity, along with the history of this place and state-of-the-art entertainment concepts. The flagship organic elements of the project, apart from the aforementioned BioBazar, will be an organic cuisine based in food hall with over a dozen restaurants, beehives on the roof, modern solutions for cyclists (including the first automatic underground parking lot for 200 bicycles). The project features large amounts of greenery located inside and out. Alongside latest energy efficient solutions available.