The Concept of Office+

Capital Park SA has created and implements the original concept of the Office+. Former Norblin Factory is a comfortable space that meets the highest standards of quality. Developed in a post-industrial style in a unique location complemented with a wide range of dedicated services.

OFFICE PLUS is not only an office space. it is much more than that. It is a complex answer to the ever-changing needs of tenants and a modern approach of companies to their surroundings – where the office turns into an identity element of an organisation.

The place to be, the place to work
Distinguishing elements

+ high quality architecture with a prefabricated detail,

+ ecology and sustainable growth,

+ green areas and quality of the surroundings,

+ promotion of sports and physical activities,

+ art and culture in common spaces, including the Open Museum of the Former Norblin Factory,

+ a wide range of services and a creative approach to Asset Management.

Technical Specifications:

+ Typical column grid – 8,1 m.

+ Window grid – 2,7 m, 1,35 m

Openable windows

+ Raised floor with floorboxes (1/20 sqm for 2 workstations)

+ Net height of office – 3,33 m (from raised floor to the concrete slab)

+ 4-pipe fan-coil HVAC system

+ Sprinkler system


+ CCTV monitoring

+ Access control system

Smoke detection system

Cross section of the building