Open Museum of former Norblin Factory

The Museum of the Former Norblin Factory will be an integral part of the complex. Forty four historic machines and appliances corresponding to the post-industrial character of the area will be integrated into the atmospheric and revitalised spot of the Norblin streets and they will, at the same time be a part of the shared and usable area arrangement. The Museum will draw upon the best international standards of museums of industry and their educational mission as well as in respect of the modern ways of displaying the collection through incorporating historical objects into the life of a contemporary city.


The site of the Former Norblin Factory at 51/53 Żelazna Street is a post-industrial space. Exceptional not only because of its historical value, but also because it harbors a certian quality in the Varsovians’ hearts. The Norblin factory grasps a tradition dating back 200 years. In its golden age, it was a landmark of the Polish metal industry, honoured with numerous domestic and international awards.

Former Norblin, Buch brothers and T. Werner factory was the industrial jewel of Warsaw. In times when Poland was non-existent on maps, The Norblin factory was producing world-famous silverware. Now there are only 10 antique buildings, 1 historic building and around 50 machines. Those climatic districts of the old factory will give this project a unique character. Restaurants, cafes, present-day entertainment concepts will be a modern, lively public region. On top of that, The Open Museum of Former Norblin Factory will take us back to XIX century, using new-age technology.