• Object nr 9: + light roller straightener for steel rods Work in progress: + jet-grauting Done: + disassembly and transport

  • Breathe easy in our new office! Our central ventilation at ArtN will be equipped in top of the shelf filters, which stop : > 90% dust particles the size of 1-10µm >75% dust particles the size of 0,3-1µm They efficiently prevent SMOG

  • Construction News 16.02.2018 map Object nr 8: + two-chamber gas furnace + 1000 tonne press + set of 2 hydraulic pumps + a tank of hydraulic liquid + printing winder + gas furnace + rail-platform scale + tory fabrycznego ciągu komunikacyjnego + series of industrial...

  • How about taking a look on Norblin Factory’s stretch before it’s revitalisation? We encourage you to see the photo gallery found on the corner of Żelazna and Prosta street in Warsaw, which in the next three years will change so much, that it will be...

  • On Monday 15/01/2018  A temporary relocation occurred. A coal-gas chimney, an ingot heating furnace and an entrance portal were placed in the Norblin willa/Management headquarters from the team of  520 tonne press halls and the drawing mill 1. The relocation was nece

  • Before&After of the old Norblin Factory from the side of Łucka and Żelazna streets!

  • In the current week all safety constructions are being finished. Deconstruction and recommission of antique machinery are being worked on. Deconstruction of additional technical and design elements are being finished up to be used again in the new and revitalised Nor

  • At this moment Norblin is in its preparation period. Architecture: It can be considered done from the architectural side. From the conservatory side it is necessary to bring down some of the structures due to technical and organisation issues. Machines: at the same t

  • We are happy to say, that we successfully signed an agreement for the realisation of foundation works in Art N Sp. z o.o. with Soletanche Polska